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Burney   California



Minutes are not official until read and approved. 

October 5, 2020

CALL TO ORDER: Commander George Mathews

1.         Flag Salute – led by George Mathews

2.         Presentation of POW/MIA – Zach Van Cleave

4.         Pow/MIA Resolution – Zach Van Cleave

5.         Pledge of Allegiance – George Mathews

6.         Opening Prayer – Richard Douglass

7.         Guests - none

8.         New Members - none

9.         Sick Call – No one sick or injured.

10.       Minutes:  Walt Caldwell

11.       Finance Report: Bob Boyce

12.       Committee Reports:       

             Youth – Covid 19 had forced the cancellation of this years Boys State in Sacramento. However the Department had issued certificates to be given                  to he boys originally chosen, who had missed the opportunity thorugh no fault of their own..
             Service Officer – no report
             Honor Guard – performed at one burial                     

13.       Housekeeping

            Commander George Mathews appointed Jim Ellis Service Officer and Steve Powell Chaplain.

 14.       OLD BUSINESS

             • Christmas Ham Dinner: Covid 19 and the restrictions imposed and the variety of Authorities “change their minds with no forewarning,

                has forced George Matthews, Co Commander of the Intermountain Veterans Honor Guard to cancel the traditional Memorial Day Service and

                could very well force the cancellation of the 50-year old Christmas Ham Dinner. Even if the restrictions remain the same as they were as of

               October 5, the Legion would have to hold their dinner attendance to 25% of the hall’s capacity.

               Bob Boyce suggested the event be postponed and possibly be incorporated with the Legion’s Easter Brunch. The pig, donated by Ed Staub

               and Sons, had been butchered and is in the freezer. The Post would also need a couple of cords of firewood to raffle with the pig. He said he’d

               contact Tubit Logging, who sells firewood and had donated the wood last year. The tickets would have to be ordered no later than

               the Monday after Thanksgiving. After lively discussion and several motions, two of which were seconded and passed. The one made by Bob Van De

               Weerd to postpone both the raffle and dinner until further notice was passed.

             • Rufus Fund:

                Finance Officer Bob Boyce reported  that the Rufus Fund stood at approximately $3,500 and two additional friends of Rufus had donated $1500,

                outside of what the Legion had donated.

                None of the Legion’s Rufus Fund had been spent. Boyce said he had  talked at length with Linda (Rufus’ friend and boss at the Bartle Lodge)

                who had cared for Rufus, transported him to UC Davis in Sacramento, and cared for him there, said he had a little insurance, VA and Social

                Security. She said  there was no reason to use any of the Legion’s fund and refused  to take any to cover her own expenses. She suggested to 

                Boyce that the Post divide the money between two of Rufus’ favorite charites, the “Toys For Tots” annual Marine Corps sponsored charity

                designated to the Intermountain Area, and to the Burney Fire Department’s annual Children’s Christmas Party. Norvin Shannon made a

                motion to give $250 to each of the two annually. Past President Ken Edwards seconded, the motion carried unanimously.

             • Change of Banks

                Regarding the possible change of banks, Finance Officer Bob Boyce explained the problem the Post’s officers, Commander George

                Mathews, Finance Officer Boyce and Adjutant Walt Caldwell had when signing the original and  routine change of those authorized to sign checks

                and to do other banking at the Tri Counties Bank. He also explained that even though the three of us had signed electronically, having to adjust

                our titles and job functions  to fit what they, the bank, demanded had again become an issue. Boyce said he called the bank to advise them

                an incorrect deposit had been made to the Honor Guard checking account, only to be rebuffed because in the hour and a half  it had taken

                to sign the original documents allowing the three to do banking with them, and the fact that we had each been made to sign four different

                times electronically, he was told that we weren’t on the Honor Guard account and would all have  to come back in and go through the whole 

               process again. He called their corporate office and in both instances had  told them we might change banks. In both instances he was told

               that he had to do what he had to do. He asked that the membership be allowed to change all of the Post’s banking to US Bank. He pointed

               out that while Tri Counties didn’t charge for a safe deposit box, U.S. Bank did. He felt we didn’t really need a Safety Deposit Box, that the

               documents currently in it could be stored in the Legion’s office in  the Veterans’ Hall. Ken Edwards made the motion to change banks and

               eliminate the Safe Deposit Box. It passed with no vote opposing.

              Fence project:

              Second Vice Commander and chair of the fence committee, Richard Douglass, reported that Immediate Past Commander Dennis Lopez, and

              Adjutant Caldwell had picked up the lumber valued at $752.73 from Sierra Pacific Industries at Oroville. It was donated by the Sierra Pacific

              Industries Foundation.  The foundation, Hat Creek Construction who loaned the Post the pickup and paid for the trip’s gas, Charlie

              and Larry Ross of Superior Avenue Steel who drove their fork lift down and unloaded the wood,and the VFW Post 5689 who allowed the Post

              to store the wood inside their locked back yard, had rendered invaluable assistance.

              He said his helper Fall River Senior High School Junior Francisco who is working on his senior project, never stops working, works fast and makes 

              things happen. They are in the ordering process and the Post still needed enough lumber to complete the final portion.

             He said he had ordered them from Hovis Hardware and Hovis would deliver them.  He and Francisco have the majority of  the fence already up

             and hoped to have it completed in the next couple of weekends, they had only driven single nails in where there should be three, and Douglass

             asked the Post for manpower and hammers to add the balance of nails needed to permanently secure the fencing. A tenative date of the

             weekend of October 10, (weather Dependent) to have a hammer and nail party. The motion was made by Bob Boyce and seconded by Zach Van

             Cleave that participants who come and work will get two beers on Post 441.

 15.       NEW BUSINESS

             •Commander Mathews reported that Pastor Henry Winkleman of the Grace Community Bible Church had donated a number of chairs to the

               Post and that he had been very pleased by the article in the Legion’s news letter. Mathews said that VFW Post 5689 commander Tim Covert had

               guaranteed him the chairs would have a stencil identifying them as belonging to the Legion.

16.       ADJOURNMENT – Retire POW/MIA - Zach Van Cleave