Burney   California


October 2, 2017

 17:05  Call to Order:  Ken Edwards, Commander


Presentation of POW/MIA: Bill Baldwin

POW/MIA Resolution: Bill Baldwin

Pledge of Allegiance – Ken Edwards

Opening Prayer: Norv Shannon

Guests: Richard Kern, Commander District 2

Members: 10

New Members: None

Sick Call:          Bill Baldwin reported George Mathews got a severe infection in his intestines and is in Reno at University Medical Center.    

Minutes:          Minutes for the meeting of September 4th were read;  Bob Van de Weerd moved to approve, seconded by Ian McKinnie, motion carried. 

Committee Reports:
Finance: Bob Boyce presented rhw financial report for September.  Bob Van de Weerd moved to approve subject to audit, second by Rufus Ryder, motion carried. 

Youth: District 2 Commander Kern advised he is this year’s District Chairman for Boys State. 

Service:  No report.

Honor Guard:  No report. 

Breakfast: Ken advised that he is not certain George Mathews can sponsor this month’s breakfast.  Both Steve Sweet and Rufus Ryder volunteered to sponsor if George cannot.   Tri-tips, eggs to order, potatoes O’Brien, fruit, toast with optional sausage and biscuits.   Price is now $7 for adults and $3 for children 10 and under.  Coupons for adults at $1 off will be distributed. 

Old Business:

Commander Ken reported on the POW/MIA night.  Bob Boyce was Master of Ceremonies. It went well and audience appreciated limiting the reading of POW/MIA to California Viet Nam vets and POW/MIA’s from latter conflicts.  There was also discussion of it being distrespectful not to include all Viet Nam POW/MIA’s. 

Bob Boyce discussed the planned Super Bowl Party.  Due to the continued NFL player protests during the National Anthem and presentation of the flag at games, both the VFW and the Post are reluctant to commit to such a party at this time.  We might have a “Bash the NFL” party instead or something similar.  Decision to be made October 16th. 

Bob Boyce reported T-Shirts have been ordered and should be here within the next week.

Christmas Ham Dinner: Bill Baldwin reported he is going to be making a couple of local presentations and will feature names of Boys & Girls State recipients and scholarship awards. 

Bob Boyce reported subsequent to motion last meeting, he selected a small American Legion Post in Goliad, Texas to receive the $250 donation to aid in recovery from Hurricane Harvey. 

New Business:

Rufus Ryder moved the Post make a $250 donation to a post in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria relief.  Ian McKinnie would like to donate $50 toward it and Rufus offered $100 additional.  Upon discussion, it was decided to have Bob Boyce research for an appropriate post in Puerto Rico and bring back to the next meeting.  Motion deferred until next meeting.  

Good of the Legion:

District 2 Commander Kern suggested we might like to write a letter to the NFL objecting to their protests against the National Anthem, (Bob Boyce placed an ad in the Mountain Echo, sponsored by the Mountain Echo).He also reported he is District 2 Chairman of this year’s Boy’s State.We are invited to participate as Honor Guards in this year’s Veteran’s Day activities in Shasta Lake City.In & Out Burger is providing baskets to Posts to be auctioned off with proceeds to Disabled Vets.

17:55  Adjournment:
Norv Shannon moved to adjourn, Bob Van de Weerd seconded.  Motion carried.    
POW/MIA:Bill Baldwin retired the POW/MIA flag.

Minutes are not official until read and approved. 


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