Minutes are not official until read and approved. 


September 3, 2018

17:00  Call to Order:  Steve Sweet, Commander


Presentation of POW/MIA: Dennis Lopez

POW/MIA Resolution:  Dennis Lopez

Pledge of Allegiance – Commander Sweet

            Opening Prayer: George Mathews

            Guests: Zach Vancleave

Members: 12

New Members: None

Sick Call: None

Minutes: Minutes for the meeting of August 6, 2018 were presented by Bob Boyce; motion to approve by Norv Shannon, seconded by Bob Van De Weerd, motion carried. 

Committee Reports:

Finance:  Bob Boyce presented the finance report for August; motion to approve subject to audit, Bob Van De Weerd; seconded by Walt Caldwell, motion carried. 

YYoth: No Report

Service Officer: No Report

Honor Guard: Jim Arveson reported there will be a funeral Saturday for Clarence Robb.  Jim may retire as Commander at the end of the year and recommends George Mathews as his replacement.  The guns still have not been properly repaired and Jim is considering having John Funk look at them. 


Dennis Lopez reported Ed Staub was unable to buy a steer, due to the prices; however, we will get two pigs.He will transport them to Kent’s Meats.

POW/MIA – Steve reported Lynn Bolen will be the guest speaker.  Pat Redding of VFW Auxiliary will bake the cake and Shannon the bartender will decorate it.  Discussed giveaways; Steve will order.  Bill will line up guest speakers.   

The freezer George was able to obtain was a chest freezer and would not fit in Bob Boyce’s garage, so George put it in his own garage and the Post paid for electrical hookup. 

Bob Boyce reported the Carr Fire Veterans Assistance and Relief Fund is doing very well.  Ladies Auxiliary in Redding has been making good use of the funds. 


Bob Boyce has Ham Dinner Drawing tickets and will print the dinner tickets before next meeting.

Commander Sweet reported the quarterly District 2 Meeting will be this coming Sunday at McCloud.

Good of the Legion:


17:25  Adjournment:

Norv Shannon moved to adjourn, seconded by Bob Van De Weerd, motion carried.    


George Mathews  retired the POW/MIA flag.

Call to Join



Burney   California