Minutes are not official until read and approved. 



Burney   California


Call to Join


July 6, 2020

17:07  Call to Order:  Dennis Lopez, Commander


Presentation of POW/MIA: Zach Van Cleave

POW/MIA Resolution:  Bob Van DeWeerd

Pledge of Allegiance: Dennis Lopez

Opening Prayer: Bob Van DeWeerd

Guests:  Lori Mathews

Members: 13

New Members: none

Installation of Officers for Fiscal Year 2021
Jim Arveson (past commander) installed George Mathews as commander; Ken Edwards First Vice Commander; Richard Douglass, Second Vice Commander; Walt Caldwell; adjutant; Bob Boyce, Finance Officer; Zach Van Cleeve, Sergeant at Arms; Ken Edwards, Judge Advocate and Jim Ellis, Chaplain. The officers were duly seated and the gavel passed to Commander George Mathews.

Sick Call:
It was reported that Post member Rufus Ryder is in UC Davis being treated for extensive bone cancer and not doing well.      

Minutes:  Minutes for the meeting of June 6, 2020 were presented; Caldwell moved to approve, Bob Van De Weerd seconded, vote unanimous.

Finance Report: Jim Ellis presented the financial report for June.  Bob Boyce moved to approve, subject to audit, Van De Weerd seconded, unanimous vote to approve.

Committee Reports:

Youth: None

Service Officer: None

Honor Guard: no report


Fiscal year 2020 summation: Boyce reported that POW/MIA Night had gone well. The ceremonial reading of the names was shortened from reading names from all states to just California. The reading was roughly 30 minutes long as compared to 2.5 hours. The guests were appreciative. No one walked out during the reading. The Christmas Ham Dinner was another success. Boyce said the post raised $7,300 overall. The Burney High School sports team who waited on tables made $250 plus $700 in donations which they really appreciated. The 2020 Easter Brunch (sponsored by the Post), with all proceeds going back to the youth organizations selling raffle tickets. This year’s brunch was cancelled due to the Corona Virus. However the raffle went as planned raising $2800 between the Burney Cub and Boy Scouts and Burney High School Baseball team which went back to the clubs.

Richard Douglass, incoming Second Vice Commander who had taken over the fencing project before the June meeting had already got much of the boundaries of the post’s property, marked and brush removed. The old telephone poles which were falling apart were moved out of the way. He said he was talking to PG&E about removing and replacing the old ones. He said he was working with Fall River High School Senior Richard Madina who had asked if he could help as a part of his senior project. Douglass said he was impressed with Madina’s “I can do it!” attitude.  Lopez and Van de Weerd volunteered to spend the coming weekend removing the debris. Douglass also reported that he had talked  to the VFW about the fencing materials they had obtained when they put  their portion of the fence up and learned they hadn’t had to buy it, they had gone to Sierra Pacific Industry’s Joyce Benton. He contacted Benton who told him he needed to apply to the Sierra Pacific Industry’s Foundation who might well pay for the fencing. He also said he had permission from the VFW to store that lumber inside their fenced area for safe keeping. The post had also notified Mayers Memorial Hospital of the post’s progress and that the post would use the $500 the hospital had donated to the post for the fence. Boyce said he had contacted the various utilities with underground infrastructure as required by the USA and PG&E, Frontier Communications, and Burney Water District had all responded and marked the location of their equipment out as required. He said he had been unable to reach Zito Communications, that they were not responding to the Post.  As of July 6, Douglass said he had spent $114.01.

Service Pins were available but few were picked up.

Boyce reported that in its meeting, the executive board had recommended creating a Rufus Ryder Fund and made a motion to create the fund and start it with a post contribution $1,000 to it.  Motion, seconded by Bob Van DeWeerd and carried unanimously.

Douglass suggested that the post consider getting name tags made so that everyone could see each other’s names.

The suggestion was presented to give each member a membership roster.


18:00  Adjournment:
Bob Van De Weerd, moved to closed the meeting. Motion carried.    

 Zach Van Cleave retired the POW/MIA flag.