February 5, 2018

17:05  Call to Order:  Ken Edwards, Commander
Presentation of POW/MIA: Dennis Lopez
POW/MIA Resolution: Dennis Lopez
Pledge of Allegiance: Ken Edwards
Opening Prayer: George Mathews
Guests: None
Members: 13
New Members: None
Sick Call:  Bill Baldwin reported Chuck Tugana has bad back problems and will be having an injection.          

Minutes: Minutes for the meeting of January 1st were presented.  Bob Van de Weerd moved to approve, Rufus Ryder seconded, motion carried. 

Committee Reports:
Finance: Bob Boyce presented the financial report for January.  Rufus Ryder moved to approve subject to audit, second by Bob Van  de Weerd, motion carried.

Youth: Dennis Lopez reported Boys State interviews will be at the next meeting.  No alcohol to be present until interviews are completed. 

Larry Martin presented proposed change to the scholarship requirements.  General discussion was held; Bill Baldwin informed that we can delay scholarships until April.  Larry to bring final rules to Executive Committee by March 5th.    

No report.

Honor Guard:  Jim Arveson reported there was confusion at the services for Cuz Lyons.  The Commander of the VFW ordered Jim to alter the conduct of the ceremony and stated that the VFW Commander was in charge and that Jim reported to him.  Jim does not feel that the Honor Guard reports to the VFW and the Honor Guard has an established regimen for presentations.  Discussion was had and general agreement was the Honor Guard is a separate unit from the Legion and the VFW, comprised of VFW and Legion members.  The Honor Guard Commander has final authority as to how its activities will be conducted.  The Commander should not be put in the middle. 

There was discussion that the VFW is planning to establish its own Honor Guard and leave Legion members out.  Commander Edwards is to discuss with their Commander and report back. 

Commander Edwards reported monthly breakfasts are being discontinued.  We will have an annual Easter Sunday Champagne Brunch instead.  The first one will be on April 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  The Fall River Community Choir will perform and the drawing for the pig raffle will be at 1:30 PM. 

Old Business:  Commander Ken reported the Chili Cook-off has been canceled. 

New Business:  Commander Edwards reported the three halves of pigs will be raffled off through American Legion for Youth program.The kickoff will be Thursday night, February 8th at 7:00 PM when tickets will be distributed.Members of six youth organizations will sell the tickets and the money turned in from each organization will be donated back to them.The drawing we be April 1st at 1:30 PM during the Easter Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Good of the Legion:  None

17:55  Adjournment:

Norv Shannon moved to adjourn, Bob Van de Weerd seconded.  Motion carried.    

POW/MIA:  Dennis Lopez retired the POW/MIA flag.

Minutes are not official until read and approved. 


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