November 3, 2020

CALL TO ORDER: 1701, Commander George Mathews

1.         Flag Salute – led by Commander Mathews

2.         Presentation of POW/MIA – by Herb McKinneyerb Herb McKinney

4.         Pow/MIA Resolution – Herb McKinney

5.         Pledge of Allegiance – George Mathews

6.         Opening Prayer – Steve Powell

7.         Guests – Bill and Donna Greenley. Bill is interested in joining the Post and Honor Guard. Adjutant gave him an application. District 2

            Commander Richard Raker and Adjutant David Cockrell were also present..

8.         New Members - none

9.         Sick Call – No one sick or injured.

10.       Minutes:  Walt Caldwell

11.       Finance Report and change of banks to US Bank: Bob Boyce gave a complete acconting with a detailed audit trail (see below)

12.       Committee Reports:       

            Youth – Youth Chairman was called back to work by his employer and had to leave before giving a report.
            Service Officer – no report
            Honor Guard – performed at one burial            

13.       OLD BUSINESS

            • Christmas Ham Dinner: No change in status. Bob apprised the event’s loyal sponsors and raffle ticket buyers of the situation and

               reasons surrounding it that it was currently on hold but that we are still contemplating another date and will decide when the Covid

               scare is over.

          •   Change of Banks

               Regarding the change of banks, Finance Officer Bob Boyce explained the problem the Post’s officers, Commander George Mathews,

               Finance Officer Boyce and Adjutant Walt Caldwell had when signing the original and routine change of those authorized to

               sign checks and in regards to other banking at the Tri Counties Bank. He also explained that even though the three had signed

               electronically, having to adjust our titles and job functions on paper to fit what they, the bank, demanded had again beome an

              issue. Boyce said the had called the bank to correct an error in the Honor Guard account, only to be rebuffed because in the

              hour and a half it had taken to sign the original documents allowing the three to do banking with them, and the fact that we had

              each been made to sign four different times electronically, the bank didn’t have them on the Honor Guard account and would

              all have  to come back and go through the whole process again. At our last Post meeting, the membership authorized the

              Finance Officer to open new accounts at U.S. Bank and close our accounts with Tri-Counties Bank. 

              Boyce reported all account funds with Tri-Counties were first moved to the Post General Account in order to provide a complete

              audit trail; checks were then drawn against Tri-Counties to open the relative U.S. Bank accounts. 

  •    Fence project:

              Post Commander Mathews led those present in thanking Second Vice Commander and chair of the fence committee, Richard

              Douglass and all those who had worked on the project and told them how beautiful the fence was. Douglass suggested and

              the post agreed that Francisco Madina be given a plaque honoring the Fall River High School Junior for working so hard on

              the project. Hopefully he will be able to come to the December meeting. Both he, and his father had been invited to the

              November meeting but were unable to attend.

  •    District Officers

              D-2 Commander Raker and D-2 Adjutant Cockrell were introduced and Raker talked to Service Officer Jim Ellis and

              regarding training.

14.       NEW BUSINESS: Bone

15.       ADJOURNMENT – Herb McKinney

16.       POW/MIA


Minutes are not official until read and approved. 



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