Call to Join



Burney   California


Minutes are not official until read and approved. 


June 4, 2018

17:03  Call to Order:  Ken Edwards, Commander
Presentation of POW/MIA: George Mathews
POW/MIA Resolution: George Mathews
Pledge of Allegiance – Ken Edwards
            Opening Prayer: Bob Ven de Weerd
            Guests: 6
            Members: 14
            New Members: None

Special Business: Installation of Officers and Awards
Commander Ken Edwards welcomed members and guests; guests were introduced. 

Commander Edwards introduced and thanked outgoing officers and presented them with certificates of appreciation: 
            Commander: Ken Edwards
            1st Vice Commander: Steve Sweet
            2nd Vice Commander: Chuck Tugana
            Adjutant: Bob Boyce
            Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis Lopez
            Chaplain: Chuck Noble
            Judge Advocate: Chuck Tugana

           Past Commander Bill Baldwin installed officers for FY 2019; they take office July 1st:
           Commander: Steve Sweet
           1st Vice Commander: Ken Edwards
           2nd Vice Commander: Wald Caldwell
           Adjutant: Bob Boyce
           Sergeant-at-Arms: Dennis Lopez, (absent)
           Chaplain: George Mathews
            Judge Advocate: Ken Edwards
           Service Officer: George Mathews
           Historian: Bill Baldwin

Bob Boyce reviewed FY2018 activities and events:
          Christmas Ham Dinner
          Easter Sunday Brunch
          Scholarships ($3,250 awarded, $2,375 claimed)
          Boys and Girls State
          Donations to other Legion Posts and Northern California Veterans Stand Down
          Cemetery Crosses
          Donations to Boy Scout and Cub Scouts
          Fire Department Toys for Tots
          Burney High School Sports
          Donations to VFW and Auxiliary
          American Legion for Youth: Pop Warner $490; Boy Scouts $678; Burney Little League $1,574
          Post Website

 Commander Edwards presented membership awards:
          15 years:   Brian McKinnie (absent)
                            George Mathews
                            Stephen Powell

          20 years:  Michael Kiser
          35 years:  Clayton Hanneman

Bill Baldwin presented Bob Boyce with a plaque of appreciation for his service to the Post and community.

Good of the Legion:
Ron Harshman said the Burney Chamber of Commerce is selling spots on its Burney Map, which comes out every few years.  Bob Van de Weerd moved $50 for a small spot, Chuck Tugana amended the motion to a $300 ad, 2nd by Stephen Powell, motion carried. 

Ron Harshman pointed out that the Legion parking lot is getting full of weeds and should be trimmed down.  Bob Boyce moved $50 toward the project, Bob Van de Weerd seconded, motion carried. 

17:45  Adjournment:
Bob Van de Weerd moved to adjourn, Chuck Tugana seconded, seconded, motion carried.    

George Mathews retired the POW/MIA flag.