Call to Join


17:00  Call to Order:  Ken Edwards, Commander


Presentation of POW/MIA:
Dennis Lopez

POW/MIA Resolution: Dennis Lopez

Pledge of Allegiance – Ken Edwards

Opening Prayer: George Mathews

Guests: None

: 10

New Members: None

Presentation:  Bob Boyce introduced Bailey Turner who is working on her Senior Project, which is to renovate a portion of the parsonage at Solid Rock church for the purpose of creating a place for the homeless community to shower and do laundry.   

Sick Call:         Bill & Tina Baldwin are both down with the creeping crud.  Cuz Lyons is being treated for cancer.        

Minutes:         Minutes for the meeting of November 6th were read.  Norv Shannon moved to approve Bob Van de Weerd.  Motion carried. 

Committee Reports:
Finance: Bob Boyce presented the financial report for November.  Bob Van de Weerd moved to approve subject to audit, second by Norv Shannon, motion carried. 

Youth: Dennis Lopez reported the girls who raised the two pigs donated to the Post by Ed Staub will be here for the Christmas Ham Dinner depending on how their teams do in playoffs. 

Service:  No report.

Honor Guard:  George Mathews reported one funeral since last meeting and he continues to try and get members.    

Breakfast: Bob Boyce reported no breakfast in December.  The Post made $1,741 in 2017 as compared to $1,933 in 2016.  The drop is due to only making $3 net at the July breakfast.    

Old Business:
Commander Edwards reported the Christmas Tree was obtained and decorated by the VFW Post.  He also brought the Post up-to-date on planning for the dinner.  We need kitchen help starting at 2:00 PM Friday until about 5:00 PM, and again we need help setting up the hall on Saturday beginning at 8:00 AM. 

George Mathews brought up that we had discussed at the last meeting making a donation to the high school since their music department has participated in various Post events over the years, including the POW/MIA night.  Bob Van de Weerd moved $300, second by Norv Shannon, motion carried. 

New Business:
Bob Boyce reported problems with the US Bank Mutual Funds account over getting authorized signatures changed and Tax ID number changed, going back to April. He suggested closing the account and moving the funds into our Tri-Counties Bank savings account until we decide what to do with them. Larry Martin made the motion, second by Norv Shannon, motion carried.

Bob Boyce reported on new veterans identification cards being made available through the V.A.

Bob Boyce reported on the Shasta County Service Office open house Friday, December 8th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Bob Boyce brought up the donation request from Bailey Turner for her Senior project. Discussion was had and Chuck Tugana moved to decline the request, second by Steve Sweet, motion carried.

Bob Boyce presented a flyer from Operation Warm Winter requesting donations. We have donated in the past, but did not last year since the request came too late and our budget was exhausted. The flyer was dated October 7th, but we just received the request. Consensus to defer the request until next meeting.

Good of the Legion:

18:00 Adjournment: Norv Shannon moved to adjourn, Bob Van de Weerd seconded.  Motion carried.    

Dennis Lopez retired the POW/MIA flag.

Minutes are not official until read and approved. 




Burney   California