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And if you get a chance, stop by the Bartle Lodge and have lunch or dinner to show your appreciation to Linda for everything she is doing.  It'll be a good experience.  

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Bad News From Black Rock

If you get your meds from the V.A., you may not have received a bill for several months.  That doesn't mean you don't owe it.  They stopped sending out bills during Covid-19, so you could get a big surprise when they do send a bill.  Contact the V.A. to find out how much you currently owe and be advised: they could just take the amount owing from your Social Security check or your bank account.   (Info thanks to Ruth Tugana)


All members please pay their dues directly to the Post instead of the Internet:

American Legion Post 441

PO Box 1077

Burney   CA   96013

Rufus Ryder Emergency Fund

Please mail checks to:

American Legion Post 441

ATTN: Rufus Ryder Emergency Fund

PO Box 1077

Burney   CA   96013

All Donations Made Through the Post Are Tax Deductible

Comrade In Distress

Rufus Ryder has been a member of the American Legion for 30+ years.  He was a Field Medic during the Vietnam War and he has distinguished himself through his service to his fellow veterans, his community and to Post 441. 

Rufus is currently under medical care and treatment through the University of California at Davis Medical Center. 

His stubborn, but good nature has infected the Intermountain Community.  In recent years, he has been the bartender at the Bartle Lodge and Linda, the owner, has been transporting him to and from the medical center for diagnosis and treatment.

His medical expenses are largely covered by insurance and through the V.A.  Nevertheless, he is out of work and faces extra, uncovered expenses for his care.  American Legion Post 441 has established a fund to assist Rufus in meeting these expenses.